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Simplify your workflow by adding authentic vintage elements to your videos so you can focus on creativity. Save hours of editing making your projects feel less like work and more like play!

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When your creative flow is white hot, there’s no time to press pause. Our packs get that project into the Render Queue by removing lengthy tutorials, animation software and creating from scratch from the process. Simply download, drag and drop, and you’re done!

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Vintageometry 3D 80s Motion Elements



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Hit Fast Forward On Your Workflow

Having the right editing tools hits fast forward on the runtime of your workflow, leaving you with extra playtime. You’ll have the newfound freedom to get more projects done faster, or just take extra time to enjoy the process.

Collector's Bundle

You can still remember it. That feeling of opening your toy box and seeing more than plastic. You knew that inside was the ability to bring your imagination to life. They were instruments to tell the stories in your mind. Those stories never went away. They got even better. Now, you can have everything you need to tell them. The Collector’s Bundle is that toy box. 

Funk Tokens

Inside every VCR Pack (even Free Samples) is a discount code for up to 30% off your next order! We call these codes Funk Tokens, and they’re a token of our appreciation for expanding your VCR collection! Use your Funk Tokens today and save on your next pack!

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