Most Asked

Yes! Located on the homepage or FREE tab, you can download our Sample Pack for free to try select assets from each of our packs! That way, you know which pack will be the best choice to enhance your unique style of projects! 


Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive a digital copy of your assets in an email. Simply click the link to begin downloading your files to the device you’ll be editing on. 

With the exception of just 3 Premiere Pro overlays in our Daydream Pack, all of our assets are standard files types (.mp4, .mov, .wav, .cube), and are usable with your video editing software! 

Simply import our assets into your editing software, then drag and drop them into your project timeline. Some assets may require a blending mode to be combined with other visual elements. Each pack comes with detailed instructions that clarify how to use the specific assets included. 

Yes! Not only do we occasionally run sales, but you can access a discount at any time by earning Funk Tokens. Funk Tokens are inside of each VCR pack, including the free Sampler Pack, and are VCR’s special currency to receive certain percentages off your next purchase! 


A brief video file in each pack will display the amount of Funk Tokens you’ve earned, and what code you can use to receive a discount on your next purchase. Much like real tokens, once you’ve spent them, you’ll need to earn additional tokens for further savings! 

Due to the digital nature of our products, all sales are final. 


To ensure that you never miss the release of a Limited Edition Pack, you can sign up for a Funkscription. For the duration of your Funkscription period, you’ll automatically receive a copy every time a Limited Edition Pack is released.


You’ll receive a link to download the latest Limited Edition Pack release.

Your download link will be delivered to your email. If you don’t see your download email right away, be sure to check your Promotions folder.

You’ll receive your copy of the latest Limited Edition Pack the same day that it is released!

You will have the duration of the month to access your download link. The download link for your current pack will expire once a new Limited Edition Pack is released.


Due to the nature of the Limited Edition Packs, once their availability ends, they will be inaccessible, even through a Funkscription. For example, if a Limited Edition Pack’s availability ends on Sunday, and you begin a Funkscription on Monday, the first Limited Edition Pack you’ll receive will be the next pack that is released after your Funkscription begins.

Funk Tokens are not included in Limited Edition Packs or Funkscriptions. A Funkscription offers the same benefit as Funk Tokens, as you’ll never pay full price for Limited Edition Packs!

You’ll be billed upon signup, and automatically enrolled in auto-renewal. At the end of your 3-month Funkscription, you’ll be automatically billed for another 3 months. You can turn off auto-renewal by managing your Funkscription.

If you’ve created a VCR shop account:

  1. Login
  2. Once you’ve logged in, click the Manage Subscriptions link under the “View Addresses” Button

If you haven’t created a VCR shop account yet:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Enter the email that you used to purchase your Funkscription
  3. Check your email (and Promotions folder if needed)
  4. Open the email titled “Videos Change Reality – Manage Subscriptions”
  5. Follow the instructions provided. You’ll be prompted to create a password
  6. Once you’ve logged in, click the Manage Subscriptions link under the “View Addresses” Button