About US

Videos change reality

Connor, Funk Leopard, Miguel

We believe that videos truly do change reality. They tell the stories that help us understand the world we live in. They allow us to connect through our ideas and grow with each other. They remind us that we’re more similar than different.

We produce video editing assets that we’re proud to use in our own productions, with the intention that any creator will feel the same way. We love creating the elements that give videos the finishing touches, and also know just how much time that takes. That’s why our products are developed to be affordable packages that allow final edits to be produced more efficiently, so you can begin making the better one that follows.

With a small team that’s collaborated for over half of our lives, we’re fortunate to have reached a level of cosmic creativity together that results in final products like no other. We don’t know where this ride will take us, but we’re glad to have you along for it.