Get The Most Out Of Your Free VCR Sample Pack

The VCR Sample Pack has everything you need to take your next creative edit to another level.  It includes an expansive collection of assets ranging from sound effects to animated transitions. Here’s a few tips to help you make the most out of them. These are techniques we use at VCR everyday to create unique visuals and sounds in our projects.

1. Transform It

Changing the scale and orientation of a visual can make it into a totally new asset and unlock new uses for it that you hadn’t thought of before.

2. Blend Modes

Layer VCR visuals on top of each other, or on top of your own footage and try different blend modes (“Difference” is always a fun experiment). It’s a fun way to create eye-catching effects that can make for great transitions or accents in a music video or similar projects.

3. Pitch and Speed

Get the most out your music and sound effects by playing with the pitch and speed. You can turn an upbeat score into eerie background music by slowing it down and lowering the pitch. You can also create a melody out of a single sound effect by duplicating it and changing each instance to a different pitch.

4. Experiment!

This approach is at the core of VCR. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. Turn those sliders all the way up or all the way down, try a new effect you’ve never used, use assets in a different way than they were intended- push things to the limit and see what happens. Sometimes the most exciting results happen when you follow your curiosity instead of a tutorial.

As always, all VCR products are 100% royalty free. You can use them on any project and avoid the hassle of licensing and copyright claims. Most importantly, our products exist to help make editing more fun. Remember to enjoy the process! We hope our assets help get your project done more efficiently so you can get started on your next one!

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