We’re Back

Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here. Maybe we’ve been so quiet, you hadn’t even noticed at all! We get that, and hope everything has been just dandy in the meantime. While we’ve been quietly contemplating the future, we’re back to say we couldn’t be more excited for what it holds! 

Some of the updates we’ve made will be hard to miss (mustard yellow suits Funk Leopard nicely, eh?), but the most important growth we’ve felt is in better understanding why we exist in the first place.

It’s common as a video editor to find your *process* becoming a *routine*. When it’s your livelihood, you focus on producing high quality projects quickly. You may be striving to improve rapidly and be as good as the other creators you compare yourself to. You can easily mistake moments of experimentation as “wasting time”. Before you know it, this practice that you once enjoyed can lose any sense of fun.

We’ve always created editing tools with the intention to make video editing easier and more enjoyable. While creating our last few products, we really leaned into the aspect of maintaining playfulness in the creative process. With time to stew on that idea, we realize how crucial the aspect of play and experimentation is for growing as a creator with a distinct style. 

Videos Change Reality does not exist to support projects. We support the humans that create those projects. Our packs offer assets that enhance your creative process, rather than automating it. 

Stay tuned for where we go from here. We can’t wait to keep creating with you! 

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